Bellissima in Pregasina, Lake Garda, Italy

I take a lot of quick portraits of my wife while we travel, but this time I did a mini-portrait session with her. We were staying at the loveliest B&B in an incredibly picturesque mountainside town in Lake Garda, Italy named Pregasina. They had a little property a short hike further up from the B&B where we had watched the sunset the night before, so we had to return for session on our 2nd night there.

Beauty on beauty. 

If anyone wanted to have me shoot their wedding or elopement in Italy, that would be swell. Grazie mille.

My Funny Valentine

I wouldn't be a wedding photographer if I wasn't a bit of a romantic.  Still, I never would've imagined that Valentine's Day would prove to be the most amazing and important day in my life... but, that's exactly what happened this year, as that's the day my beautiful daughter, Vivienne Barbara decided to join us.  I guess it was a fitting date, as my heart exploded with love for her, my wife, and the woman who inspired her middle name (my mother, who left us too soon a little over a year ago)... though as far as I'm concerned, V-Day heretofore stands for Vivienne Day.

Here are some photos from the day she was born and her first few weeks here in this crazy, beautiful world.


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