pdx wedding photographer

Lindsey & Roberto - Wedding - Mount Tabor Park & Plaza Del Toro, Portland, Oregon

Mount Tabor Portland Oregon wedding photographer014.JPG

Lindsay & Roberto were an absolute joy to work with from engagement session to their amazing wedding. They had a beautiful day for their ceremony in Mount Tabor Park, with a highlight being the New Orleans style, second line parade. I could’ve done a blog post of just those photos. The reception afterward at Plaza Del Toro was also beautiful & of course, had amazing food.

Valerie & William - Wedding - The Colony, Portland, Oregon

Portland Oregon wedding photographer The Colony153.JPG

Valerie & William's wedding was right up my alley... a super sweet & funny couple, mid-century furnishings. vintage trailers, and portraits at Cathedral Park under the coolest bridge in Portland (St, Johns Bridge). 

Venue: The Colony, St Johns

Courtney & Derick - Wedding - Wildwood Recreation Site, Mt. Hood, Oregon

Weddings can be grand events, but they don't have to be. Courtney & Derick had such a lovely little afternoon wedding in the woods near Mount Hood at Wildwood Recreation Site. From their dreamy engagement session at Wahclella Falls to their emotional wedding day, it's been amazing capturing these two beautiful souls in the gorgeous Oregon backdrop.

Karen & Geoff - Wedding - Millcreek Barn, Watervliet, MI

It's always great to return to the venue where my wife & I got married, Millcreek Wilde Barn in Watervliet, Michigan.

Likewise, it's always a joy working with lovely & creative people like Karen & Geoff.